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He Discovered His Success After 3 Years of Failure With The OFA Challenge

Friday, September 16, 2022

I’m excited to be joined by fellow OFA Challenge alum, Steven Crissien. He is the founder of the digital marketing agency, Crissien Online, and currently transitioning to being a business facilitator.

Steven’s journey has consisted of quite a few ups and downs. He stumbled into his entrepreneurial journey not exactly sure what he was setting out to accomplish. Steven spent years jumping from strategy to strategy without any being a great fit.

The One Funnel Away Challenge and all things funnel hacking piqued his interest due to his background in cybersecurity. At that point, he had started his digital marketing agency and began to wonder how he could incorporate funnel building into his marketing game plan.

Stay tuned to find out he now helps coaches and entrepreneurs build better systems!

“I think that, honestly, it’s just those people who have had the longevity to just stay in it.”- Steve Larsen

Finding Entrepreneurship with His Last $200

Steven’s path to entrepreneurship was arduous and long. Over the course of ten years, he fulfilled one of his passions teaching bible studies. That’s where he learned he had an interest in leading workshops, educating others, and organizing seminars. He began to wonder how he could incorporate that passion into his role as a system admin.

Steven Crissien decided to start a digital marketing agency to combine his interests. Along the way, he started to hear about funnel hacking and building. As he continued to learn about funnels he looked for various ways to build those strategies into his business. Up until that point, he was mainly offering SEO and wifi marketing services which he hated.

In reality, Steven was so unsure of where he wanted to take his business. He would take the advice of almost every marketing guru he listened to and just jumped around until something felt like the right fit. He tried everything from Facebook advertising to cold calling just trying to achieve a strong foothold.

The ‘Age of Discovery’ as we like to call it couldn’t last forever. Newly married and moving to a new state, Steven was confronted with the realities of his situation. He had $200 and 65k in debt with no leads on how to move forward. That’s when he decided to narrow in on a focus.

Steven had been following the ClickFunnels community for quite a while and was inspired by a prompt Russell Brunson posed. What would you do if you lost everything and had to rebuild your business in just 30 days with only a ClickFunnels account. It was almost exactly the situation Steven was in so he dove in and reached out to other entrepreneurs to find out as much as he could.

How OFA Gave Steven Crissien the Push He Needed

“Follow people who have actually been there and you’ll find all the support.”- Steven Crissien

Steven set out to do the OFA Challenge for a second time. He was more determined than ever to implement a system that would bring him closer to his goals. His renewed focus gave him the opportunity to really absorb the powerful information he was learning and gave him the courage to step outside of his comfort zone.

For a long time, Steven refused to publish. But as he continued to break down his own mental barriers, he realized he just needed to start publishing. He was beginning to understand that the obstacle is the way and if he wanted to find success he would have to push through his own doubts.

Steven Crissien began to reframe the questions he was asking himself. He changed the question from how to who. Who could he look to for guidance? Who was doing the things he wanted to accomplish? Once he began to ask himself those questions the floodgates started to open!

Steven hired someone to help him start publishing. Once he started to get over his fear and many incremental steps forward his confidence completely shifted. One of his videos even led him to lead a live session in a mastermind group that increased his exposure.

He has now launched his own podcast and hosts other mastermind events and even generated almost 30k of revenue in under two months.

What He Wants Other Entrepreneurs to Know

Steven Crissien’s biggest tip of advice is to not give up! Make sure not to stay in your comfort zone. If you are looking for support then go out and find it. Find the people who are where you want to be and replicate some of their processes.

It is so important to just show up for yourself. Have a clear focus and don’t get caught up on perfection. Your massive action will get you where you want to go!

“Be around people who are like-minded… And, eventually, everyone will get there.”- Steven Crissien