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Interview with Chris Patterson - Building the Best YOU

Friday, September 16, 2022


Interchanges is made up of several highly skilled teams of Marketing Experts, Strategy Analysts, Entrepreneurs, and Lead Generation Specialists with a deep conviction to build relationships and provide value to their clients. Founder and CEO, Chris Patterson, specializes in personal growth; before Interchanges, he was personally mentored by the great Zig Ziglar. In this interview, he shares his routines and secrets to growing both himself and Interchanges.


  • Why most people giveup
  • ​How Interchanges generated $1.4 Billion in revenue for their clients
  • ​The secret to how to focus and achieve your goals quickly
  • ​How to successfully lead a company and keep yourself motivated everyday
  • ​Major mistakes to avoid when building a better you
  • ​How he used the wheel of life to get to the next level of success